Welcome To Kemnejabo.com

1. To give confidence of a comfortable Journey all over Bangladesh.

2. To Know The Routes of Destination and Ways of journey.

3. Getting information on all road buses in Bangladesh. Our team is working in every place of the country, trying to serve you.

4. The bus Company helped us with our sincerity. It has also been found that the information received from the Govt. bus counters is not available, You can also see some popular buses in our list. Because they are not obliged to provide information.

5. Your support integration to make our data repository more powerful.

6. If bus companies mail us all the information about their counter, we can make the site more powerful by providing more beautiful information to the passengers.

7. If you can not visit the site or have you trouble understanding? how to visit / click on the search menu.

8. Mobilize The History of Destination to Users.

9. To Provide On Destination Helping Hands (When user is in destination).

“ Overall purpose is to Introduce a pre planned and safely planned Journey Process to the people of Bangladesh and Expatriates(Foreigners).”