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CHAKLADAR PARIBAHAN is a popular bus service in Bangladesh. The CHAKLADAR PARIBAHAN close door bus services TO different districts from Barisal.

Attention! All the information related to CHAKLADAR PARIBAHAN will be available below, such as contact numbers, counter locations, area based bus counter locations, and all updated information. But there are some practical problems may occur sometimes, such as location changes, contact number changes, and services may have temporary issues. Moreover, some counters stop their services after their scheduled time; Your complaint, your advice to solve all these problems, is desirable for us, so if you want, you can inform us by e-mail at this address-

If you do not have enough time to go to the counter, failing to contact them, there is no reason to worry, we book all types of bus tickets for immediate or advance. Make a ticket booking by calling our customer care. Ticket Booking Call Center- 01517-832110


PAL BARI MORE counters
Phone: 01904-312801, 0421-64888

Phone: 01904-312802

Manasi Counter, Jessore
Phone: 01904-312807

RN Road Counter, Jessore
Phone: 01904-312806, 0421-63668

Benapole Counter, Jessore
Phone: 01904-3128004

Navaron Counter, Jessore
Phone: 01904-312803

Jhikargacha Counter, Jessore
Phone: 01904-312805

Bus Terminal Counter, Magura
Phone: 01904-312810

Kaliganj Counter, Jhenaidah
Phone: 01904-312808

Jhenaidah counter
Phone: 01904-312809

Satkhira Counter
Phone: 01904-312823

Kalaroa Counter, Satkhira
Phone: 01904-312824

VANGA counter
Phone: 01968-078984


Nathullahabad Bus Terminal Counter, Barisal
Phone: 01904-312916, 0431-2175491

Rahmatpur Counter, Barisal
Phone: 01904-312815

Sanauhar Counter, Ujirpur, Barisal
Phone: 01904-312921

Islady Counter, Barisal
Phone: 01904-312822

Bhurghata Counter, Barisal
Phone: 01904-312829

Gournadi Counter, Barisal
Phone: 01904-312829

Mustafapur Counter, Madaripur
Phone: 01904-312817

Rajoir Counter, Madaripur
Phone: 01904-312818

Torkee Counter, Barisal
Phone: 01904-312820

Tekerhat Counter, Barisal
Phone: 01904-312814

MakSedpur Counter
Phone: 01904-312825

Kawrakandi Counter
Phone: 01904-312826

Vetepara Counter
Phone: 01904-312811

Attention! always tries to provide the latest information. Any company can change their counter and contact number anytime. If a company does this , we may have given a wrong information .For this, we are sincerely sorry. Thank you for your cooperation for the right information.

Put your own opinions in our facebook group about CHAKLADAR PARIBAHAN bus service and its sincerity to passengers? Your feedback or information will help the authority to upgrade their services and to provide better facilities. Like our facebook page to have regular updates. if you have any complaints or suggestions or informations about our website, please email us at

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