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The highest peak in Bangladesh is Saka Haphong (1052 m), the largest peak is Keokradong (64 m) and the longest canal of Bangladesh is Raikhiyan and all these famous natural structures are situated in Bandarban. Welcome to Bandarban Hill District, an administrative region in the Chittagong Division of southeastern Bangladesh. Bandarban Resort


Bandarban is a famous hilly region with amazing beauty and natural blessings. Apart from seeing the diversity of tribal culture, there are numerous places of interest in the region that will satisfy the thirst of travellers and adventurers. this is the least populated area in Bangladesh. ❤ 6 Upazilas (Bandarban Sadar, Alikadam, Thanchi, Naikshangchhari, Lama, Ruma, Roangchhari). It is the center point of Rangamati, Khagrachari and Cox’s Bazar, between the borders of Arkan and Chin provinces of Myanmar to the east and northeast. known as the abode of the Marma king. There are Sangu, Matamuhuri and Bakkhali rivers in this district. are mountains (Tambang, Palital, Merenza, wailatong). See below for details of Bandarban’s sights.

How to go –

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Places of interest in Bandarban-

If you want to see the beauty of the mountains with the clouds, you must come to Bandarban. T

Nilachol and Shuvranil:

Nilachol is one of the interesting places of in Bandarban. Nila-chol and Shuvranil are the tourist spots located at a height of 1800 feet 5 km away from the city. You can rent a pick-up van from Bandarban bus stand and go straight to Nila-chal and Shuvranil.


A natural waterfall located 6 km away from the city. This waterfall is surrounded by cool weather.

Sangu river:

Sangu river is one of the beautiful rivers of Bangladesh. It flows from north to south in the Bay of Bengal. Visitors are seen here most often travelling by boat.

Golden Temple:

The Golden Temple is 4 km away from the city. Available for the visitors from 5 to 6 p.m.

Bomang Rajbari(palace):

The old palace is a monument of a hundred-year-old tradition in the centre of Bandarban city. You can reach there by Rickshaws and 5 minutes walk from Bandarban city traffic junction.


Meghla Tourist Complex located at the entrance of Keranihat-Bandarban town. Where innumerable natural and artificial things are available to attract tourists. The lake, the hanging bridge, the hills, tea gardens, the zoo and numerous recreational items.


Located at a distance of 3 km from Bandarban city, Milanchari is treated as the hill daughter of these 11 small ethnic groups and their cultures.

Prantik lake:

Prantik Lake is 14 km away from Bandarban city. Across the 25-acre area, the lake is filled with lush green hills. It is also a picnic spot.


Chimbuk hill is located 23 km away from Bandarban city. The rubbing of the clouds with the Chimbuk hills takes place in the hearts of the visitors.

Damtua Waterfall:

Bandarban is located in Alikadam Upazila. You have to walk 12-14 km up the hill to reach this waterfall. It is a suitable place for mountain climbers. Weak and aged people and children also can’t go there. The experience of those who have gone there is like conquering Everest.


Nilgiri has located 50 km from the city. This Nilgiri is called Darjeeling in Bengal. If you want to touch the clouds at an altitude of 2200 feet above sea level, then Nilgiri will fulfil your desire. You can travel here all the time except in the rainy season.

Boga lake:

Keokradong hill is 17 km away from Ruma Upazila. Here this lake was created naturally many years ago. There are many types of legends about the origin of this lake. Notably, the lake was formed as a result of the collapse of a volcanic crater or meteorite. This Boga lake is also known as Dragon Lake.


Bangladesh is the highest mountain peak. Its height is 1,230 meters. The entire Bandarban district can be seen from this high mountain peak.

Jadipai Waterfall:

Jadipai Waterfall is one of the widest waterfalls in Bandarban Ruma Upazila.

Saka Huphong:

Saka Huphong Peak on the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar is considered to be the highest peak in Bangladesh.


Tindu is a union of Thanchi upazila.

Large stone( Boro Pathor)

The water is mixed with the big stone. As it is called the kingdom of stones.


Bandarban is the paradise of Khums, this crown has been taken over by Debotahum. If you want to go to Debotakhum, first you have to go to Kachchapatli and have to get permission from the army camp. Click here to go to Debotakhum. You will get beautiful guideline.


Nafakhum Falls is located in Remakri Union of Bandarban Thanchi Upazila. To see Nafamukh, one has to go to Remakri by boat from Thanchi Bazar on the Sangu river. The rainbow is constantly playing here with the light of the sun in the water vapour of the rapidly descending water.

Marayan Tang:

Marayan Tong Hill is located in Mirinja Range of Bandarban Alikadam Police Station.

Ali’s Cave / Ali’s Tunnel:

This Ali tunnel is located in Alikadam Upazila of Bandarban district. This tunnel is naturally created. The tunnel is quite narrow, visitors have to crawl where the torchlight has to be used.


Satvaikhum is a clear cool waterfall surrounded by hills and greenery which is a little away from Amiyakhum Falls in Bandarban district.

Dim Pahar:

It is one of the highest mountain peaks in Bangladesh. The highest road has been built at an altitude of two and a half thousand feet above the ground. The hill is shaped like an egg so the locals call it egg hill.

Where to spend the night in Bandarban: Bandarban Resort

You can rent a Bandarban Resort starts from 200tk to as much as you can. Among them, Circuit House (Government-017142030354), Hilltop Rest House (Government-6230362077), Nilachal Rest House (Government-01714230354), Meghla Rest House (Government), Meghla, Bandarban-01714230354 Star, Jovi Guest House, Hotel River etc are some famous hotels. Bandarban Resort.

can book a room – booking room. Bandarban Resort

Wherever you want to visit in Bandarban, you must go out there in the morning and return before evening. This is because hotels/residences have not been developed in many areas.

Where to eat:

  • We are always curious about the food of Bandarban tribes. There are small restaurants, hotels, cafes available here. Where you will find a variety of delicious, unique food which you have never seen before.
  • Chicken soup with young tamarind leaves, Falgun’s young reddish ampata mashed or raw young whole banana mashed, young bamboo cooked in various terms, bamboo fry, bamboo stalks, mocha mashed, raw turmeric mashed, small flower with small fish, banana leaves, banana Kalmi bharta, thankuni leaf bharta, various types of cooked vegetables, chicken gurdani, l duck meat kalabhuna, kanchki fry and bharta are some of the fun and delicious items.

Shopping in Rangamati :

  • The hill people made various garments, art, handicrafts and other household items. You will see something which was used to be a part of Bengali tradition but now rare.
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