Bandarban To Barishal Bus Prices, Counters Number, Location And Sights


Barisal is one of the most beautiful cities in Bangladesh. Chandradwip is the ancient name of this town built on the banks of the river Kirtankhola. Barisal is a major source of food grain production in the country. It is the oldest and second-largest and most important river port in the country. There are 12 rivers and 13 canals in Barisal. Bangladesh is a riverine country. The whole country is covered by its rivers like a net. There are notable rivers in Barisal- Kirtankhola, Meghla, Dhansindri etc. Barisal has 14 thanas and 10 Upazilas. There are almost two thousand government and non-government organizations.

How to go-

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Places of interest-

Bibi Pukur( pond):

Bibi Pukur is a traditional pond located in the heart of Barisal city. After reaching the launch ghat or bus stand in Barisal, you can take a rickshaw to see the Bibi pond on the east side of the city’s Sadar Road. Click Here to know more sights of barisal.

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There are so many bus services providing a safe journey Bandarban To Barishal by road directly. Both AC and non AC are available.

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