Barisal To Sylhet Bus Prices, Counters Number, Location and Tour Guide

* Welcome to Sylhet, the land of purity blessed with the footmark of Hazrat Shah Jalal (R:) located in the northeast of Bangladesh. This historic region is one of the favourite places of touring ports in Bangladesh. In addition to the largest and first-ever established Malnicherra tea gardens in the subcontinent, there are numerous spectacular places including Satchari National Park, Rataragul swamp Forrest, Lalakhal, Hakalui Haor, Bisnakandi, Jaflong, which will give you the shade of peace and the visit of Hazrat Shahjalal and Shahporan’s Mazar will give you a feeling of purity.

How to go- ( Sylhet tourist place )                  

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Places of interest-

  • There are many fountains and beautiful monuments here to satisfy your mood
  • Attractions include:

Malnicherra tea garden

Malnicherra Tea Garden is located in Sylhet district of Bangladesh which the largest and first established tea garden in the subcontinent. It was founded in 1854 by Lord Hudson on 1500 acres. This Malni tea garden is located at a short distance from Sylhet Airport. If you enter  east side, you can see Harang Hurang cave. The cave can be seen by walking at least three kilometres east along the road next to the Malnichhara main bungalow. There are also Lakkatura Tea Garden, Ali Bahari Tea Estate and Tarapur Tea Garden on the west side. There are numerous tea gardens in this area.

Where to eat:

  • Sylheti food?
  • Sylheti cuisine is the hallmark of Sylheti food culture. Sylheti dishes include akhni, birin bhat, khichuri, satkara beef, chicken tikka masala, fal, hutki shira, nunar bara, handesh, chunga pitha, tusha shinni etc. Who doesn’t know about the popular seven-colour tea. How to make seven layers is the main attraction.

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