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Bhandaria Upazila is an administrative area in Pirojpur district in Bangladesh. It is located at Kaukhali, Mathbaria in the south, Jhalokati and Kanthalia in the east and Kacha river in the west. A representative of an influential zamindar named Rajendra Poddar came to the area and settled there and established a ganj on the banks of the river Baleshwar. In Ganj he built a huge storehouse of grain stocks. The store is known to the general public as the store of Poddar. The name of the area is Bhandaria by changing the order from Poddar’s Bhandar. In another proverb, Bhandaria to Bhandar. The area was once known for its abundance of food grains. The name of the area is Bhandaria from this Bhandar. Bhandaria Upazila currently has 1 municipality and 8 unions (Vitabaria, Nadmula Shialkathi, Telikhali, Ikri, Dhawa, Bhandaria Sadar, Gauripur).

Bhandaria Sights-

Attractions include:

Bhandaria Children’s Park-

Bhandaria Children’s Park is a family recreation centre located in Pirojpur district. Where there are innumerable species of plants and flower gardens. You can go Bhandaria Children’s Park Bhandaria Upazila for 15/20tk.

Harinpala River View Ecopark-

Harinpala River View Ecopark has been set up artificially on 6 acres of land on the banks of Kacha river in Telikhali union in Bhandaria Upazila of Pirojpur district. Where there are river waves, kashabana, an excellent environment in the chirping of birds and the Watch Tower, animal sculptures, horse carriages, toy trains, etc. From Pirojpur Sadar to Mathbaria you can get off at Tushkhali and take local transport like rickshaws or motorcycles and auto-rickshaws to Char Harinpala River View Ecopark.

Other places of interest-

  • Baridhara Complex;
  • Minister’s house.

Where to spend the night-

  • There are many local residences like Durgapur Rest House, Jujkhola Rest House etc. to stay here at night.
  • You can book a room – booking room.

Where to eat-

  • This city’s food? The people of this area———> People in this area are quite a foodie.
  • There are various species of vegetables here.
  • you can find food in different restaurants, cafes and hotels just two steps away.


  • There are a few small markets in this area.
  • Do shopping in this city with joy.


Whenever you want to go Bhandaria, search on the home page of our website by selecting the name of the area and where to go (vandaria). You will find our website (, bus counter location and phone number, bus fare, bus type (AC / non-AC) and all information.

Where can I get a vehicle? Where is the counter? What do I do if I don’t get a vehicle? Can I have a vehicle at night? Can I have a place to stay? Will the restaurant be open?

  • Whenever you come to Bhandaria or wherever you live, you can easily reach your destination. You will find counters at all stations. Each station has different bus counters. Contact them to find your destination address.
  • To find your counter, contact us by collecting the bus counter number below and we will give you specific information.
  • Transportation system at Bhandaria is open 24 hours a day. You will get the bus address by scrolling down.
  • At every station, you can easily find hotels to stay. You can book a room by entering the link above.

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