Chagalnaiya To Dhaka Bus Price, Counters Number, Location And Sights

Jahangirnagar named after emperor  Jahangir, Dhaka word came Suba Bangla Dhak Bajna. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. The largest city of  Bangladesh and also in South Asia. Dhaka! which is addressed by many more names, including the city of Rickshaw, the city of mosques etc. But beyond all these its also known as city of joy and magic. There is no comparison between Dhaka and other cities to know yourself and to discover yourself. Numerous historical interests are waiting to entertain you and enrich your knowledge. Not as capital, Dhaka is famous itself for its glorious culture, tradition and aristocracy! That’s why travellers love to explore Dhaka as a starter of travelling. Historical Place in Dhaka.

Places of interest: Historical Place in Dhaka

Park, Lake, Resort, Zoo, Picnic Spot, Swimming Pool, Pond, Dighi, Museum and many more.

Ahsan Manzil:

Ahsan Manzil is located at the Kumartuli area of Islampur on the banks of the river Buriganga in Dhaka. Currently being used as a museum. But it was the residential palace of the Nawabs and the Sadar Kachari of the zamindari.

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Where to eat- 

  • Walk two-step and you will see hotels, restaurants, cafes. The famous dishes of Dhaka are chicken-polao, kachchi biryani, beef items, pearl biryani, whole roasted pigeon, roasted khichuri,  Kachchi, teheri, khasir lekush, shrimp, faluda, 60 item buffet, grilled chicken, manjar , Shah Saheb’s Biryani, Jhunur Biryani, Kabab, Noorani Sharbat, Meat and Parota, various types of Biryani and so many.

There are so many bus services are available from Chagalnaiya To Dhaka Bus Fare. These buses  are well equipped with both AC / Non Ac.
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TT Para – 350 TAKA BDT
Abdullahpur 380 TAKA BDT





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