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Located in the western part of Bangladesh; Kushtia is one of the districts of Khulna division. According to a survey of more than 4 lakh people living here (2020). This district is also known as the capital of literature and culture. The Islamic University of Bangladesh is located here. There are several theories about the naming of Kushtia district. One of the notable ideas is that after the partition of the country in 1947, the then-District Magistrate “Syed Mujtaba Ali” changed the name of Nobodip or Nodia to ‘Kushtia’. Also, many people think that at one time the area was famous for playing ‘Kusti’, hence the name ‘Kustia’ and after that, it was called ‘Kushtia’. Again, many people think that the word ‘kuntha’ (main cash crop) is derived from the word kunthia and from this kunthia the name Kushtia originates.

Places of interest:

Tomb of Lalon Shah-

One of the best place interests of Kushtia is the shrine of Fakir Lalon Shah. At that time he took refuge in Cheuriya of Kumarkhali. Although he was illiterate, he composed many songs. He was buried there after his death. Fakir Lalon Shah’s disciples and innumerable Baulkuls from home and abroad at his used to gather on special dates and gather at this gathering centre. Later (1973) his tomb was built there. In 2004, an academy building with a modern auditorium was constructed there. Click here for details including all the sights of Kushtia.

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