Dhaka To Kumarkhali Bus Price, Counters Number, Location And Sights

Kumarkhali Thana was established in 1855 AD. In 1757 it was made a subdivision of Pabna. Kumarkhali subdivision was abolished in 181 AD and it was included in Nadia district as part of Kushtia subdivision. Kumarkhali Thana was upgraded to an upazila in 1983. There are various differences of opinion regarding the naming of Kumarkhali. The ancient name of the area was Tulsiganga ‘. It is said that the name Kumarkhali originated from the name Kumar Shah. Some people think that the ancient name of Gorai river was Kumar river. The river Kumar flows past the Alachya area. That is why the name of the area is Kumarkhali. However, in general, since the name of the area is Kumarkhali from Kumarkhali river, it is most logical and acceptable.

There are so many bus services are available Dhaka To Kumarkhali Bus Fare. These buses  are well equipped with both AC / Non Ac.

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SB Super Deluxe

B – 1300 TAKA BDT
RM8 – 1000 TAKA BDT

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