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Rajshahi is the main city of the division. The city of Rajshahi is located on the banks of the river Padma. it’s is called the Silk City for its attractive silk garments. the Rajshahi is also called as “Shikshanagari” for its reputed educational institutions. Rajshahi in Bangladesh is a city adorned with ancient traditions. This city was known in ancient Bengal for a long time. It was part of the Pundra Empire of ancient Bengal. The capital of Vijay sen from  the famous Sen dynasty  was located just 9 km from the present city of Rajshahi. In the Middle Ages,  Rajshahi was known as Rampur Boalia. According to this source, Boalia is still a police station in Rajshahi city. There are now about 15 software firms in Rajshahi. Moreover, there are about 10 training centers for producing skilled manpower which is increasing day by day.

Places of interest –

There are so many ancient architectural structures and interesting  sites  to satisfy  your mind.

Barendra Research Museum, Rajshahi

The Barendra Research Museum, located in the heart of Rajshahi city, is the first museum in Bangladesh. it’s Museum is one of the largest archaeological sites in South Asia. It is located next to Rajshahi College in Rajshahi city.

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