Faridpur Tour? Where to Spend The Time, Eat, Local Food, How To Go And More

Welcome to Faridpur, a traditional and one of the most ancient region of Bangladesh. Let’s have a look on Faridpur, the birthplace of famous Bangladeshi poet Jasim Uddin.


Faridpur, a district in the central part of Bangladesh, was established in 18 AD. Faridpur district was named after the eminent Sufi saint Shah Sheikh Fariduddin. It was divided from Jalalpur of Dhaka in 1808 and then named a Faridpur district. The distance from Dhaka to Faridpur is 155 kilometers. The Haji Shariat Ullah’s Faraji movement started from Madaripur in the then Faridpur. An anti-indigo movement took place in Faridpur under the leadership of Dudu Miah, son of Shariatullah. The main blue factory of the district was in Mirganj of Alfadanga Upazila.

How to go-

Whenever you want to go Faridpur, search on the home page of our website by selecting the name of the area and where to go (Faridpur). You will find our website (kemnejabo.com), bus counter location and phone number, bus fare, bus type (AC / non-AC) and all information.

Places of Interest-

Attractions include:

Home and tomb of poet Jasim Uddin:

The house of l poet Jasim Uddin is next to Kumar river at Gobindpur village in Sadar Upazila of Faridpur district. Kabir’s house has four old tin houses. His creations are displayed in the courtyard of the house. The furniture used by the poet and some items are still kept in that house. The poet has been lying under the pomegranate tree on the north side of the house since March 14, 1986. There is a resting area for visitors on the banks of the river Kumar.

Satoir Mosque, Boalmari:

The 9-domed Satoir Mosque established at the time of Sultanate period and is located at Satoir village in Boalmari Upazila, 23 km from Faridpur district. It is believed that Alauddin Hussain Shah built the mosque in the 16th century in honor of the Auliya Hazrat Shah Sufi Shayf Chatur (R) 600 years ago.

Mathurapur Deul, Madhukhali:

Mathurapur Deul is a traditional ancient archeological site. This monastery is located in Mathurapur village of Madhukhali Upazila of Faridpur district. At a height of about 60 feet, the monastery is decorated with 12 angled artistic ornaments. There are two doors to enter the monastery. Throughout the Deul, there are imprints of the rock, as well as the use of small sculptures made of earthenware. In 2014, Mathurapur Deul was listed as a National Antiquities Site by the Department of Archeology of Bangladesh.

Kanaipur zamindar house:

The Sikdar dynasty of Kanaipur in the Faridpur district is one of the famous zamindars of Faridpur. It is estimated that about 400 years ago, a zamindar of the Sikdar dynasty built a zamindar house to settle on the banks of the river Kumar, which came to be known as Kanaipur zamindar bari, but the locals of this district know it as Sikdar bari. It is known that Sikdar Bhavtarini of the Shikadar dynasty gained a good reputation and wealth as a zamindar.

The zamindari

was divided between Surendra Nath Sikder and Nirdavaran Sikder, the two sons of Satish Chandra Sikder, the only son of Bhavatarini. As the eldest son of Satish Chandra Sikder, Surendra Nath acquired the lion’s share of the zamindari. Later, after the death of Surendra Nath, his sons were transferred to Calcutta. The government confiscated their zamindari due to economic problems. In 1817, the Faraji movement was started under the leadership of Haji Shariatullah against the injustice of the zamindars of this Shikadar dynasty. Which was later led by Dudu Mia, son of Shariatullah.

Pathrail Mosque, Bhanga:

Patrail Mosque is a traditional structure located in Azimnagar Union of Bhanga Upazila of Faridpur. The aesthetically pleasing ancient mosque is also known as Majlish Aulia Mosque. The similarity of the architectural style of the Bagha Mosque in Rajshahi with the 10-domed rectangular Patrail Mosque is noticeable. The mosque has 5 arched entrances on the east side and two more doors on the south and north sides.

Near the mosque,

There is a Mazar, a madrasa, and two huge lakes of the famous Sufi saint Majlis Abdullah Khan Auliya. It is believed that during the reign of Sultan Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah in 1400 AD, the famous Sufi saint Abdullah Khan Aulia came to the area to spread Islam and built the mosque. And after his name, it became known as Majlish Aulia Mosque. The Patrail Mosque is currently under the care of the Bangladesh Department of Archeology.

Other places of interest-

  • River Research Institute,
  • Hazrat Shah Farid Mosque,
  • Ashram of Jagadbandhu Sundar,
  • Gaur Gopal Angina, Goalchamat,
  • Ataroshi World Jaker Manzil, Sadarpur,
  • Baish Roshi Zamindar Bari, Sadarpur.

Where to spend the night-

  • Hotel Radhafel Ins, Goalchamot, Faridpur – Phone No-0731-61106.
  • Hotel Luxury, Goalchamot, Faridpur – Phone No. 0731-62723.
  • Hotel Padma, Mujib Road, Faridpur – Phone No. 0731-6275.
  • Hotel Park Palace, Mujib Road, Faridpur, Phone No. 0155632706.
  • Hotel Shyamoli, Mujib Road, Faridpur, Phone No. 0831-64536.

Where to eat-

  • At the bhanga city of Faridpur,
  • Anil Das’s sweet” has a lot of fame.
  • In this shop Rajbhog,
  • Rasgolla, Chamcham, Langcha, Chana, Chini Sandesh, Yogurt, Jilapi, Danadar, Amirati, Rasmalai etc.
  • are available. Rajbhog of Anil Das’s shop is quite famous, people come from all the surrounding towns and villages to buy it. It is customary in this region that the marriage ceremony is incomplete without the sweets of Anil Das. So those who like sweets should definitely come Anil Das’s sweet shop to get a taste of this Rajbhog.
  • Faridpur ‘s date molasses is quite famous. This famous date molasses is available in the local markets.

Where can I get a vehicle? Where is the counter? What do I do if I don’t get a vehicle? Can I have a vehicle at night? Can I have a place to stay? Will the restaurant be open?

  • Whenever you come to Faridpur, wherever you live, you can easily reach your destination. You will find counters at all stations. Each station has different bus counters. Contact them to find your destination address.
  • To find your counter, contact us by collecting the bus counter number below and we will give you specific information.
  • Transportation system at Faridpur is open 24 hours a day. You will get the bus address by scrolling down.
  • At every station in Faridpur, you can easily find hotels to stay. You can book a room by entering the link above.

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