Golden Line Paribahan All Counters Number, Location, Route Map And Others Info

Introduction and Routemap-

Golden Line Paribahan is a popular bus in Bangladesh. Golden Line Paribahan started its journey from Dhaka to Faridpur in 2012. At present their AC and non-AC buses are coming with regular service in the southern part of Dhaka. Their regular routes are Dhaka – Faridpur> Nazirpur> Barisal> Payasarhat> Kuakata> Barguna> Patharghata and from Kuakata to Gopalganj> Barisal> Faridpur> Panchagarh> Dinajpur> Lalmonirhat> Burimari> Rajshahi> Faridpur to Kolkata service on the route. This is an AC / non-AC bus service. Travel on this bus at a low cost.

Quality and features of the bus-

Golden Line Paribahan is running the service on the mentioned highway. This bus is ready to get the title of the best service provider of the mentioned route by combining all the AC / non-AC, comfortable, safe, and fastest time to finish one of the best finishing adequate compact seats, luxuries, Hino 1J non-AC service.

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The buses we are assisting you with information have fixed fares. The amount of fare remains the same even if the demand for passengers decreases and increases. So there is no complaint about the fare of the bus.

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Counters of Dhaka District

Dhaka Counter, Phone: 02-8052622, 01755-522211.
Kalyanpur Counter, Dhaka District City, Phone: 01705-408500.
Nabinagar Counter, Dhaka District City, Phone: 02-7793263, 01733-208884.
Rayer Bazar Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01733-208885.
Bou Bazar Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01733-208883.
Rajouir Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01733-208895.
Teker Hat Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01733-399825, 01733-208887.
Gulshan Counter, Dhaka District City, Phone: 01733-036003, 01709-642565.
Sayedabad Counter-1, Dhaka District City, Phone: 01709-642585.
Sayedabad Counter-2, Dhaka District City, Phone: 01709642595.
Dhaka Counter, Faridpur Section
Phone: 02-8052622 and 01755522211.
Gopalganj Section, Dhaka Counter, Phone: 01733208883 and 01705408511.
Barisal Section, Dhaka Counter, Phone: 01705408536 and 01733399818.
Khulna Section, Dhaka Counter, Phone: 01733-036003 and 01709642565.
Gulshan Counter, Dhaka District City, Phone: 01709-642585.
Sayedabad Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01709-642595.
To know any complaints, suggestions, information etc. of Golden Line Transport, hotline: 09613000333, 01713-488183, 01709-642590.

Counters of Faridpur District

Faridpur Counter, Faridpur District City, Phone: 01716-956340, 01713-488183.
Faridpur Counter, Faridpur District City, Phone: 01733-208865.
Bus Stand Counter, Faridpur District City, Phone: 0631-66988, 01755-522200.
Bhangarastar matha Counter, Faridpur District, Phone: 0631-65202, 01733-208877.
Janata Bank Junction Counter, Faridpur District, Phone: 0631-62244, 01733-208878.

Counters of Gopalganj District

Gopalganj Police Line Counter, Gopalganj District Town, Phone: 01705-408542.
Bus Station Counter, Gopalganj, Phone: 01705-408541.
Bhatiapara Counter, Gopalganj District, Phone: 01710-000000.
Patgati Counter, Gopalganj District, Phone: 01705-408544.
Kotalipara Counter, Gopalganj District, Phone: 01705-408543.

Counters of Barisal District

Barisal Bus Terminal Counter, Barisal District City, Phone: 01733-399795, 01733-399796.
Gournadi Bus Station Counter, Barisal District, Phone: 01733-208881.
Agailjhara Bus Stand Counter, Barisal District, Phone: 01733-208868.
Bhauraghata Counter, Barisal District, Phone: 01733-208898.
Mostafapur Counter, Phone: 01733-208896.
Turkey counter, Phone: 01733-208879.

Counters of Patuakhali District

Patuakhali Bus Station Counter, Patuakhali District City, Phone: 01733-399833.
Khepupara Counter, Patuakhali District, Phone: 01733-399836.

Counters of Barguna District

Barguna Bus Stand Counter, Barguna District, Phone: 01733-399843.
Patharghata Bus Station Counter, Barguna District, Phone: 01705-408518.
Amtali Bus Station Counter, Barguna District, Phone: 01725-631281.

Counters of Pirojpur District

Pirojpur Bus Stand Counter, Pirojpur District Town, 01733-399828.
Bhandaria Bus Station Counter, Pirojpur District, Phone: 01705-408504.
Swarupkathi Counter, Pirojpur District, Phone: 01705-408522.
Nazirpur Counter, Pirojpur District, Phone: 01705-408545.

Counters of Khulna District

Royal Chattar Counter, Khulna District City, Phone: 041-725899, 01733-036015, 01709-642566.
Sonadanga Bus Station Counter, Khulna District City, Phone: 01709-642582.
Daulatpur Counter, Khulna District, Phone: 01733-036008.
Notun Rasta Counter, Khulna District, Phone: 01709-642587.
Khalishpur Bus Station Counter, Khulna District, Phone: 01709-642486.
Katakhali Counter, Khulna District, Phone: 01709-642583.
Gallamari Counter, Khulna District, Phone: 01733-036019.

Counters of Bagerhat District

Bagerhat Bus Station Counter, Bagerhat District City, Phone: 01733-399827.
Fakirhat Bus Station Counter, Bagerhat District, Phone: 01705-408524, 01709-642584.

Counters of Magura and Jhenaidah District

Magura Bus Station Counter, Magura District, Phone: 01733-399804.
Jhenaidah Bus Station Counter, Jhenaidah District City, Phone: 01733-399797.

Counters of Rangpur District

Rangpur Office and Manager, Phone: 01733-399822.
Rangpur Bus Station Counter, Rangpur District City, Phone: 01733-399808.
Taraganj Bus Station Counter, Rangpur District, Phone: 01733-39980.

Counters of Natore District

Bonpara Bus Station Counter, Natore District, Phone: 01312-327210.
Natore Bus Stand Counter, Natore District City, Phone: 01731-327210, 01773-715917.
Natore Office and North Bengal Director, Phone: 01733-399823.

Counters of Bogura District

Bogra Charmatha Bus Station Counter, Bogra District, Phone: 01733-399798.
Bogra Saat Mata Counter, Bogra District, Phone: 01733-399815.
Shakpala Bus Station Counter, Bogra District, Phone: 01733-399814.

Counters of Gaibandha and Lalmonirhat Districts

Gobindaganj Bus Station Counter, Gaibandha District, Phone: 01733-399803.
Palashbari Bus Stand Counter, Gaibandha District, Phone: 01733-399802.
Shatibari Bus Station Counter, Lalmonirhat District, Phone: 01733-399807.

Counters of Nilphamari and Dinajpur District

Syedpur Bus Station Counter, Nilphamari District, Phone: 01733-399799.
Ranibandar Bus Station Counter, Dinajpur District, Phone: 01733-399813.
Birganj Bus Stand Counter, Dinajpur District, Phone: 01733-399810.
Dinajpur Bus Station Counter, Dinajpur District City, Phone: 01733-399812.

Counters of Thakurgaon and Panchagarh Districts

Thakurgaon Bus Station Counter, Thakurgaon District City, Phone: 01733-399801.
Boda Bazar Counter, Panchagarh District, Phone: 01733-399811.
Panchagarh Bus Station Counter, Panchagarh District City, Phone: 01733-399800.

Counters of Rajshahi and Chapai Districts

Baneshwar Bus Station Counter, Puthia, Rajshahi District, Phone: 01710-296075.
Rajshahi Bus Stand Counter, Rajshahi District City, Phone: 01772-540005.
Chapai Bus Station Counter, Chapainawabganj District City, Phone: 01721-409900.

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