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Kuakata is a beach and tourist destination in southwestern Bangladesh. It is known to tourists as the “Daughter of the Sea”. Kuakata is one of the most scenic beaches in Bangladesh with a length of 18 km. It is the only beach in Bangladesh where both sunrise and sunset can be seen. this has a total population of 9,06 and the number of the family of 2,085. The history of the name Kuakata is linked with the history of the arrival of Arakanese in this country. The word Kua came from well. it’s thought that Arakanese has been expelled from Burma by the Mughal rulers in the 16th century and settled in the area. They dug many wells to fill the shortage of potable water, hence the name Kuakata.

How to go Kuakata

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Places of interest-

Kuakata Sea Beach:

Kuakata Sea beach is located at Latachapali union of Kalapara police station in Patuakhali district. This Kuakata beach is about 16 km long. Sunrise and sunset can be seen here. This feature makes Kuakata unique from all the beaches. Fishermen can be seen fishing on Kuakata beach almost all year round. If you want to go to the beach, you can rent a motorcycle or horse. The amount of rental money usually depends on distance and time. There are also a few chors near Kuakata. Click Here to Know More info kuakata Tourist spot.

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