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We invite you to the city of Khulna, the industrial city and the city world-famous coastal forest Sundarbans. It is the 3rd largest city in the country after Dhaka and Chittagong. Welcome to Khulna, a town on the banks of the Rupsha and Bhairab rivers in the southwest.


Khulna is one of the eight divisions in Bangladesh. it is bounded on the west by the state of West Bengal, on the north by Rajshahi division, on the east by Dhaka division and Barisal division and on the south by the Bay of Bengal including the Sundarbans called Mangrove Forest. This area is surrounded by numerous rivers like Madhumati River, the Bhairab River and the Kopotakkho River of Michael Madhusudan Dutta. There are numerous islands of the Bay of Bengal in this Khulna division. Khulna division consists of 10 districts. The number of notable people of Khulna are also huge. Mrinalini Devi-wife of Rabindranath Tagore, actress Mausumi, Babita, Champa, Asif Imroz, world’s best all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan, Mashrafe Bin Murtaza, Abdur Razzak, Mostafizur Rahman, Enamul Haque, Imrul Kayesar,  Ziaur Rahman, Bir Shrestha Nur Mohammad Sheikh etc. Formerly Khulna district was also known as Jahanabad.

How to go-

Whenever you want to go Khulna, search on the home page of our website by selecting the name of the area and where to go (Khulna). You will find our website (, bus counter location and phone number, bus fare, bus type (AC / non-AC) and all information.

Places of interest-

There are numerous attractions in this area to give pleasure to your mind.
Attractions include:

Bhutia Padma beel:

The water covered by a green flower garden of lotus flowers in Bhutia’s Padmabeell. Padma beel of Bhutia is located in Terkhada Upazila of Khulna district. You can see the lotus flower all day long. From Khulna city, you have to go 16 km by bus / CNG / private car to this Bhutia Padma Beel. You can go near the flowers by boat. Don’t forget to bargain before hire the boat.

Putney Island

Putney Island or. When you look at the Putney island from the front, there is a sea of horizons and when you look back, there is a dense forest in the middle of the green grass desert and canal. As it is a deer and fish sanctuary, fishermen and common people do not meet much on Putni Island. You can visit Putni Island with permission from the Mongla Forest Department office in Khulna district.

Hiron Point:

Nilkamal or Hiron Point is declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO. There are many species of reptiles and birds including monkeys, deer, tigers. From Khulna city you will get launch from Bagerhat Mongla port to Sundarbans Hiron Point.

Tomb of Bir Shrestha Ruhul Amin

Birshreshtha Ruhul Amin was martyred on 10 December 1971 in an airstrike by the enemy while stationed on a warship near Khulna Shipyard. From Khulna Sadar to Rupsha bus stand, you can see the tomb of Bir Shrestha Ruhul Amin just 50 yards ahead along the road.

Divisional Museum:

The Khulna Divisional Museum is located in front of Zia Hall at Majid Sarani at the Shivbari traffic junction of the local transport. On 12 September 1997, the second-largest Khulna Divisional Museum in Bangladesh was established next to the public hall adjacent to the Shivbari junction in Khulna district.

Khan Jahan Ali Bridge

The distance of Rupsha Bridge from Khulna city is 16 km. The length of this bridge is 1.60 km. The bridge connects all the southern districts and the Mongla seaport by road.

In-laws of Rabindranath Tagore

You can take a rickshaw from Khulna city to Fultala Upazila and visit Rabindranath Tagore’s father-in-law’s house. Bust sculpture of Rabindranath Tagore and his wife and two-storied building. There are also dense green gardens and a nursery.

Bangabandhu Island

Bangabandhu Island in the Bay of Bengal between Hiran Point and Dublar Char situated about 10 km away from Dublar Char in Mongla Upazila of Khulna Division.

Shahid Hadis Park:

You can easily come to Hadis Park by autorickshaw in Khulna city. Shahid Hadis Park is a historical park located on Babukhan Road in Khulna.

Koromjol Tourist Center

You can visit Kamarjal tourist center ion Khulna town. Entry fee is from 20 to 300 tk. The Koromjol tourist center is located on the banks of the Pashur River in the Sundarbans. Under the supervision of the Forest Department, tourism has been developed on 30 hectares of land about eight kilometres away from the Mongla seaport.


The Sundarbans is the name of a natural wonder, it is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Places in the Sundarbans that will be easy for you to go are Mandarbaria Beach, Hiron Point, Dublar Char, Katka Beach etc. The total area of the Sundarbans is about 10 thousand sq km.

Kotka beach

You will get a launch from Khulna to Rupsha or from Mongla port in Bagerhat to Sundarbans. Kotka is one of the most diverse places in the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world. The distance from Mongla port to Kotka is about 90 kilometres. There are 40 feet watchtower in Kotka to enjoy the natural beauty of Sundarbans. Launch is the main means of getting to Cuttack.

Where to spend the night

  • You can rent a hotel room starts from 200tk to as much as you can. Among numerous hotel-
  • Hotel Bismillah (Abaski) (01919-899394),
  • CSS Rest House (041722355),
  • Caritas Rest House (041722906),
  • Dhaka Match Industries Rest House (041721336),
  • Platinum Jute Mills Ltd. Rest House 2, Platinum Jute Mills Ltd. Ltd. Rest House (041762335),
  • Crescent Jute Mills Ltd. Rest House (041762237), Rupsha Rest House (041721030) etc. are reputed some.
  • You can book a room – booking room.

Where to eat in Khulna

  • Khulna food? >>> Cow and Khasi food at Kamrul of Food Zero Point in Khulna, Muslim’s Cow and Khasi at Bez Dangar, Mustard-Khasi, Kachchi Biryani, Megar Kachchi Biryani, Rajasthani Khasi of Rajakchuri, Khichuri, Yoghurt-Fuchka, Dakbangla Bada-Tea and Milk Tea behind Newmarket have become popular among the travellers. In Khulna city, you can find food in different restaurants, cafes and hotels just two steps away.

Want to go to Khulna? Where can I get a vehicle? Where is the counter? What do I do if I don’t get a vehicle? Can I have a vehicle at night? Can I have a place to stay? Will the restaurant be open?
  • Whenever you come to Khulna or wherever you live, you can easily reach your destination. You will find counters at all stations. Each station has different bus counters. Contact them to find your destination address.
  • To find your counter, contact us by collecting the bus counter number below and we will give you specific information.
  • Transportation system at Khulna is open 24 hours a day. You will get the bus address by scrolling down.
  • At every station in Khulna, you can easily find hotels to stay. You can book a room by entering the link above.
  • Sundarbans, mangroves, small islands, natural landscapes are painted in this city. Khulna is the largest tourist destination in the country where millions of people visit every year.

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