Narayanganj To Alamdanga Bus Prices, Counters Number, Location And Tour Guide

Thana Sadar was established here in 1941. Alamdanga Thana was upgraded to an upazila in 1982. There are several legends about the name Alamdanga. One of them is the proverb ‘Elam Dangay’. It is said, ‘Elam Dangaya, the origin of the name Alamdanga from the sentence. Once the area was flooded. An old woman was swept away in the flood waters. Floating, the old woman was able to swim the flood waters with great difficulty and reach the shores of Alachya. The old woman got up on the shore and said with a sigh, “I have come ashore.” The name of the area is Alamdanga from the word ‘Alam Dangay’. Again, many think that a lake named Alam built the first planned plantation and settlement on Alachya land. That is why the name of the area is Alamdanga. Ghaledari Mosque is an archeological site of Alamdanga upazila. Mathabhanga is one of the rivers of Alamdanga. Where the headwaters of the river are very prone to erosion. That is why the name of the river is Mathabhanga.

There are so many bus services are available Narayanganj To Alamdanga Bus Fare. These buses are well equipped with both AC / Non Ac.

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