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Welcome to Satkhira in the Khulna Division of southwestern Bangladesh. Do travel to Satkhira to gather new experience.


Satkhira is a district of Khulna division. It is bounded by Jessore on the north, Bay of Bengal on the south, Khulna on the east and West Bengal of India on the west. There is a lot of disagreement about the naming of this district. The main sources of economy in Satkhira are shrimp farming, forestry, agricultural products, cottage industries, large scale industries, land ports etc. Satkhira has about 1423 villages and 960 mouzas. There are innumerable rivers in Satkhira including Kakshiali, Kalindi,isamoti, Howrah, Gutiakhali, Kapotakko, Labonnoboti, Roy Mongol etc. It is a developing city with numerous relics of the Liberation War, archaeological sites, fascinating and scenic places, eminent personalities, public and private educational institutions.

How to go-

Whenever you want to go Satkhira, search on the home page of our website by selecting the name of the area and where to go (destination). You will find our website (, bus counter location and phone number, bus fare, bus type (AC / non-AC) and all information.

Places of interest

Attractions include:

Mandarbari Beach –

Mandarbaria beach is a beautiful beach in the Bay of Bengal located in Satkhira district. The beauty of the Sundarbans and Mandarbaria beaches on the banks of the Hariabhanga River is beyond imagination.
The distance from Satkhira-city to Burigoalini is about 60 km. Engine-driven boats, steamers, speed boats are available from Burigoalini’s Nildumur wharf to Mandarbaria beach.

Nalta Sharif- Kaliganj

Nalta Sharif is located in Nalta village of Kaliganj Upazila of Satkhira district. Khan Bahadur Ahsan Ullah, a renowned educationist, reformer and philanthropist, was born in this village. There is a museum also.
It is located at a distance of 6 km away from Kaliganj Upazila of-Satkhira

Jessoreshwari Kali Temple –

Jessoreswari Kali Mandir(temple) is located in Ishwarpur village of Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira district. A holy place for Hindus.
From Satkhira district to Shyamnagar Upazila then Jessoreswari Kali temple can be reached.

Mozaffar Garden Resort –

Mozaffar Garden and Resort located in Satkhira district. The garden and resort is spread over an area of about 120 bighas. The lush green and open natural environment at Mozaffar Gardens and Resort easily catch the hearts of the visitors.
It is located just 5 km away from Satkhira. You can reach Montu Mia’s house by rickshaw, CNG and auto.

Tetulia Jame Mosque-

Tetulia Jame Mosque is located 3 km away from Tala Upazila Sadar of Satkhira district. It is a unique example of 17th-century Muslim architecture. Tetulia Jame Mosque has located about 25 km from Satkhira district town. Buses, rickshaws and vans can be used to reach Tetulia Jame Mosque.

Twin Shiva Temple –

It is located in Choygharia village of Jhaudanga union in sSatkhira district. The twin Shiva temples built of varied terracotta bricks are known to the people of the region as Choygharia twin Shiva is located only 6 km away from the city.

Sonabaria Monastery Temple –

Sonabaria Monateri temple is located in Kalaroa Upazila of Satkhira district. A traditional archaeological site. It is also known by Sonabaria Monastery and Shyam Sundar Mandir
From Satkhiraa district, you can take a bus to Kalaroa and visit Sonabaria Monastery temple by autorickshaw.

Other places of interest –

  • Khan Bahadur Ahsan Ullah memorial Complex,
  • Haricharan Roychowdhury’s Zamindar Bari,
  • Jesus Church, Mother’s Temple,
  • Mai Champar Dargah,
  • Sundarbans.

Where to spend the night-

You can rent a hotel room starts from 200tk to as much as you can. Among numerous hotels- Hotel Simanto (01816275762), Hotel Samrat Plaza (01768964971), Sangram Residential Hotel (01712929495), Hotel Hasan (0174065002), Patal Hotel (01823647462) are some famous names.

You can book a room – booking room.

Where to eat –

  • Satkhira food? ———> The main food in this town is shrimp. The most popular foods are honey, shrimp and fruit.
  • you will find food in various restaurants, cafes and hotels within a very short distance in sSatkhira

Shopping –

Don’t forget to do Shopping at affordable prices on your Satkhira trip.

Where can I get a vehicle? Where is the counter? What do I do if I don’t get a vehicle? Can I have a vehicle at night? Can I have a place to stay? Will the restaurant be open?
  • Whenever you come to Satkhira or wherever you live, you can easily reach your destination. You will find counters at all stations. Each station has different bus counters. Contact them to find your destination address.
  • To find your counter, contact us by collecting the bus counter number below and we will give you specific information.
  • Transportation system at Satkhira is open 24 hours a day. You will get the bus address by scrolling down.
  • At every station in Satkhira, you can easily find hotels to stay. You can book a room by entering the link above.

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