Sylhet To Magura Bus Prices, Counters Number, Location And Sights

Many of the pirates started living here due to its easy access and multiple facilities. The area in which the Mogras live is called Mogra. Whose corruption is Magura. According to many, the name Magura originates from the word mug-ghura. Nawab Murshid Quli Khan led a fierce campaign against the Mughal pirates. The Nawab’s army fought fierce battles with the Maghs in the Alachya area. Unable to hold on to the Nawab’s forces, the Mogras were forced to turn their backs on their advance. This is the place where the advance of the Maghs is reversed The name of the place is Mug-Ghura. Which came to be known as Magura through a change of order. Some people think that the name Magura originated from Magur fish.

Places of interest:

Nader Chander Hat, Pir Mukarram Ali’s Tomb, Garib Shah’s Tomb Remains of Raja Sitaram Roy’s Palace, Raja Shatrujit Roy’s Palace, Debal Raja’s Garh, Memorial of Great King’s Palace in Sreepur, Maghal Amal Mosque in Gaepalgram Satdoha Ashram etc. are the archeological sites and places of interest of Magura district.

There are so many bus services are available Sylhet To Magura. These buses are well equipped with both AC / Non Ac.

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