Sylhet tourist place

Welcome to Sylhet, the land of purity blessed with the footmark of Hazrat Shah Jalal (R:) located in the northeast of Bangladesh. This historic region is one of the favourite places of touring ports in Bangladesh. In addition to the largest and first-ever established Malnicherra tea gardens in the subcontinent, there are numerous spectacular places including Satchari National Park, Rataragul swamp Forrest, Lalakhal, Hakalui Haor, Bisnakandi, Jaflong, which will give you the shade of peace and the visit of Hazrat Shahjalal and Shahporan’s Mazar will give you a feeling of purity. Sylhet tourist place


Each region of Bangladesh has its own regional language. Regional Shyleti language is one of them. Sylhet has its own alphabet in the regional language. There are numerous travel destinations in Sylhet. This region rich in history is one of the favourite places to travellers. Not only history, but it has gained a reputation all over the world as one of the best tourist cities of Bangladesh. Sylhet has been a commercial city for many centuries. It is believed that Sylhet was the mainland of the “Harikela kingdom”.

How to go- ( Sylhet tourist place )

Whenever you want to go Sylhet, search on the home page of our website by selecting the name of the area and where to go (Sylhet). You will find our website (, bus counter location and phone number, bus fare, bus type (AC / non-AC) and all information.

Places of interest-

There are many fountains and beautiful monuments here to satisfy your mood
Attractions include:

Shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal

Shah Jalal’s Dargah is a spiritual establishment in the city of Sylhet, which basically shows us about the great history of Bangladesh in 1303 AD.  There is an illustrious fountain of  Shah Jalal which near to the shrine.

Shahi Eidgah, Sylhet

This  Eidgah ground is located at the northern boundary of Sylhet city. The Shahi Eidgah, a historical site in Sylhet, was built in the early 1800s. Shahi Eidgah is about 2 km from the main city of Sylhet. Distance from Osmani International Airport is 6 km.

Shrine of Shah Paran

The shrine of Shah Paran is a holy shrine or spiritual establishment in the city of Sylhet. Tomb of Shah Paran, one of the companions of Shah Jalal, a preacher of Islam who came to Bangladesh from the Middle East in 1303 AD. The shrine of Shah Paran is located at a distance of about 8 km from Shah Jalal’s Dargah.

Keane Bridge:

This bridge stands over the Surma river which flows through the city of Sylhet. It is also known as one of the most scenic and traditional places in Sylhet. This is the gateway of Sylhet city. The Keane Bridge is located at the centre of Sylhet city. The bridge is 1150 feet long and 18 feet wide. Next to it there is famous  Ali Amjad’s watch.

Malnicherra tea garden

Malnicherra Tea Garden is located in Sylhet district of Bangladesh which the largest and first established tea garden in the subcontinent. It was founded in 1854 by Lord Hudson on 1500 acres. This Malni tea garden is located at a short distance from Sylhet Airport. If you enter the east side, you can see Harang Hurang cave. The cave can be seen by walking at least three kilometres east along the road next to the Malnichhara main bungalow. There are also Lakkatura Tea Garden, Ali Bahari Tea Estate and Tarapur Tea Garden on the west side. There are numerous tea gardens in this area.

Murarichand College

Murarichand College is located in Tilagarh area of ​​Sylhet city. It was established in 1892.

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology: ( Sylhet tourist place)

It is an autonomous public university located in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The medium of instruction of the university is English. It is one of the largest science and technology universities in Asia.

Museum of Rajas:

Museum of Kings which is better known as Hassan Raja Museum. Once the palace of Hasan Raja’s successors is now the famous Hasan Raja Museum. It is located in Zindabazar, the heart of Sylhet City Corporation. Located at a distance of 10 km from the airport.

Tilagarh Ecopark:

Tilagarh Ecopark is the 3rd eco-park in the country located in Tilagarh area of ​​Sylhet district. It is located at a distance of 6 km in the northeast corner of Sylhet.

Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical Colleg:

Kazi Bazar is located at Sheikhghat in Sylhet. Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College is a private medical school in Bangladesh. Its campus covers an area of ​​6.22 acres in Sylhet.

Jitu Mia’s house:

Jitu Mia’s house is the residence of Jaigirdar Khan Bahadur Abu Nasr Mohammad Ehiya aka Jitu Mia of Sylhet. It is one of the main places of interest in Sylhet.


Ratargul Swamp Forest is one of the most scenic places in Sylhet. It is located in Gowainghat Upazila, about 26 km from Sylhet district town. There are countless places to visit that will refresh your mind.


Bichnakandi, one of the stone quarries of Bangladesh located in Rustampur union of Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet. Bichnakandi is perfect for travelling at any time. It is called Bichanakandi because of the large amount of water flowing through the rocks.


Jaflong is one of the places of interest in Sylhet. the Jaflong is known as the daughter of nature. The distance from Jaflong in Sylhet is 72 km. There are various views of the clear water stream of the river, hanging Dauki bridge, high mountains.

Bholaganj: (Sylhet tourist place )

One of the places of interest in Sylhet is Bholaganj which is located in the bordering Upazila of Kompaniganj.


Lovachora is a river of clear water in Kanaighat Upazila of Sylhet. Surrounded by mountains, rivers, blue skies and all-natural beauties are available here. You can enjoy the beauty of  tea garden, especially during the rainy season. From Sylhet city, you have to go to Kanaighat Upazila to visit.

Sangrampunji Jharna:

It takes only 15 minutes to reach Sangrampunji Jharna from Jaflong Zero Point in Sylhet city. There are rocks, water, mountains, tunnels. One of the best sights for travel enthusiasts.


Tamabil is a unique place in Sylhet surrounded by green hills. Distance from Jaflong is 5 km.

Panthumai waterfall:

It is located at the area of  Bangladesh-India border. This village is very near to the Meghalaya hills. The view of the waterfall from a high place evokes a different beauty. This village in West Jaflong Union of Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet is one of the most beautiful villages in Bangladesh.

    Where to spend the night: (Sylhet tourist place)

    You can rent a room starting 500tk  to as much as you can. Among them – Hotel Bottom Hill Palace Hotel, Rose View Hotel, Hotel Grand Surma, Hotel Payra, Hotel Star Pacific, Hotel Nazim, Hotel Holiside, Hotel Hill Town etc are quite famous.

    You can book a room – booking room.

    Where to eat: ( Sylhet tourist place )

    • Sylheti food? >>> Sylheti cuisine is the hallmark of Sylheti food culture. Sylheti dishes include akhni, birin bhat, khichuri, satkara beef, chicken tikka masala, fal, hutki shira, nunar bara, handesh, chunga pitha, tusha shinni etc. Who doesn’t know about the popular seven-colour tea. How to make seven layers is the main attraction. Sylheti meal ends with Sylhet betel nut. There is also the traditional food khichuri of Sylhet.
    • In Sylhet city, you can find food in different restaurants, cafes and hotels very easily

    What do I do if I don’t get a car? Where can I get a car? Where is the counter? Can I have a car at night? Can I have a place to stay? Will the restaurant be open(Sylhet tourist place)
    • In Sylhet, You can easily reach your destination. You will find counters and all the stations. Each station has different bus counters. Contact them to find your destination.
    • To find your counter, contact the bus counter number what we have provided below and they will give you specific information.
    • Sylhet bus stand is available 24/7. will get the bus address by scrolling down.
    • At every station in Sylhet, you can find a room to stay very easily. You can book a room by entering the link above.

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