Tour To Cox’s bazar


Cox’s Bazar is the present name of the ancient Palanki/Panoya. Cox’s Bazar named after a person Hiram Cox, an officer of the British East India Company. It’s! A very well known tourist spot as it the longest sea beach in the world. Its natural beauty melts the heart of every tourist.

Things to remember before going to the beach:

You can take a bath on the beach at high tide. But it is dangerous to go to the beach at low tide. Lifeguard signboards and flags are available for tidal information. A green flag means high tide and a red flag means low tide. After having the idea you should enjoy the beach.

Don’t miss these sights: Tour To Cox’s bazar

“Laboni Beach, Sugandha Beach, Kalatali Beach, Himchhari, Inani Beach, Marine Road, St. Martin’s, Radiant Fish World, Ramu Buddhist Monastery, Maheshkhali, Sonadia Island, Adinath Temple, Dulahazara Safari Park and many more places to visit.

Place to spend the night:

You can rent rooms starting from  500 tk to as much as you can on the basis of the facility you need.  .There are so many luxurious resorts available here. These include the Royal Tulip, Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Espa, Hotel Sea Crown, Long Beach Hotel, Hotel The Cox Today, Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort

About food- when Tour To Cox’s Bazar

The food that you should never miss in Cox’s Bazar, that is sea fish. The fish items which will definitely attract you in the food are shrimp, laittiya, rupachanda, churi  fish and others. There are food hotels/restaurants available next to each hotel and resort. You can enjoy fish menu.

Other enjoyments-

Jeeping, horse riding, speedboat, biking, swimming, swimming pool, riding, spa, gym, full moon terrace, wellness center, aesthetic grand lobby etc.

You Can Book Hotel or Resort

Cox’s Bazar is not a simple beach its full of other beautiful sights and activities. Different tribal groups also live here. So, welcome to Cox’s Bazar and have a most beautiful experience.

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